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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – What You Need To Know

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In April 2017 the government will introduce mandatory new legislation that will require all companies with 250 employees or more to reveal specific information regarding the pay of their employees.

Companies will be required to publish figures showing the pay gaps between male and female employees, which will be made publically available to potential customers, employees and future employees in a bid to increase transparency and fairness.


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Women Still Scarce in the Tech Industry

Data shows women leaders still scarce in the tech industry

The latest Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table revealed that only 11 of the 100 fastest growing companies in the UK are founded or led by women. We’ve crunched the numbers to see what that tells us about the opportunities for female leaders in the tech industry…


Extra Income Ideas to Aid Your Business – How Can They Help

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Generating additional income to aid your business performance can be hugely beneficial to your success. A business’s finances can sometimes be unpredictable but there are many options for gaining a side income which can aid your business performance and give you that needed boost in those more difficult months.


Businesses to Report Gender Pay Gap


UK Businesses to Report Gender Pay Gap in 2018

This year, Equal Pay Day marked a gradual decrease in the gap in salaries between full-time employed men and women, 0.2% since last year. Instant Offices delves into what the legal implications and desired outcomes of addressing the gender pay gap are.

Consider this: if someone asked you to continue doing your job for free until the end of the year, would you say yes? In the UK, Equal Pay Day marks the point in the year when women effectively stop being paid, while men continue earning.


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