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Afrah Qassim Winner of the Humanitarian Award


THROUGH her work to help those affected by forced marriage and so-called ‘honour based violence’ Afrah has made an outstanding contribution to protecting some of the most vulnerable and marginalised women in our local communities. A Community Development Worker with Liverpool Primary Care Trust she has championed the needs of this group. She is described as truly exceptional with the ability “to break down barriers whether they are social, cultural or instituonal, in order to instigate positive change”.

Afrah achieve her post graduate certificate in Community Development work in 2008 from the University of Salford. She recently founded a charity called Savera - dedicated to tackling abuse within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities and raising awareness among professionals and practitioners of harmful practice such a Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation.


Read Afrah's opinion on making forced marriage a criminal offence

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