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Minerva Group Runner Up in the Women Together Category


IT has only been up and running for a year but already the Minerva Group is helping women who are widowed or for whatever reason find themselves alone.

There are around 360 members in eight clubs throughout Merseyside and Cheshire and Minerva co-ordinates a host of events including: lunches; day trips; concerts and theatre visits; lecturers; workshops and charity fund raising events.

It prides itself on offering support and someone to listen. “Many problem can be solved by talking to someone who has ‘been there and done that’ as they are instant proof that life can and does get better with friends and company around you.” Many members are carers who have precious little ‘me time’. They come along when they can and over a cuppa reveal amazing stories of their lives. Members also do voluntary work in the community, maybe a few hours a week but done willingly.

Improving our members businesses through

Networking, Support, Coaching and Mentoring