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Christine Andain Runner Up in Inspirational Woman Award

Christine Andain

Christine is an inspirational woman who has battled illness to succeed in fulfilling her dream to become a published author, with three crime novels under her belt.  But, added to the fact, that she did all this whilst suffering severe ill health is remarkable. She has been finishing her latest novel and promoting her second, whilst looking for a new publisher all at a time most of us would have shied away from the limelight. If we could bottle her determination and verve we would be lucky indeed.

After a career in teaching throughout Liverpool, Christine has battled through the male dominated world of publishing to be a home-grown published crime novelist.  A woman who is undeterred and as a result a success, she is someone who is not prepared to give up whatever obstacle she faces. 

Christine has been involved with the Sunflowers charity, which is a cancer centre for people who have had cancer or who are suffering from the disease and provides guidance and help on a more holistic basis. At Christine’s last fundraising event she raised £4000.

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