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Dorothy Zack-Willliams Winner of Caring Award

Caring award winner dorothy zack williams with sponsor liverpool womens hospital

A woman who has tackled the brutal  and illegal practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) head on and helped set up support networks and a special clinic for women who have experienced it, has bowed out of the local health service after over forty years of pioneering work in the city.

Dorothy Zack-Williams has acted as an agent for change both in the affected communities and the wider community. As a founder member of the Liverpool Multicultural Women’s Group, she  has provided support and advice for families to raise awareness against this cultural practice which can result in a lifetime of pain, infertility and even life-threatening conditions.  As Lead Governor at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, she has helped to set up a special link clinic at the hospital  to support women who have endured FGM.

In her other area of expertise, sickle cell disease and inherited blood disorders,  Dorothy as Clinical Nurse Specialist at Abercrombie Health Centre, single-handedly set up a clinic  for those suffering with the conditions, working with patients and their families from all over the North West.
Since arriving in the city in 1970 as a trainee nurse,  Dorothy has touched the lives of thousands of families with her dedication and enthusiasm in the roles of midwife, nurse, popular community health visitor and clinical specialist nurse.She has made her mark as a health professional of a unique kind, going far beyond the call of duty to enhance people's lives and ease their suffering. She has been a true and selfless professional.
Though retired, she will continue in her role as Lead Governor at Liverpool Women’s and is passionate about making it the best place in Liverpool for women to receive care.

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