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Eithne Browne Winner of Arts & Culture Award


With a career spanning over 30 years Eithne is one of Liverpool’s favourite daughters! With performances in Blood Brothers, Shirley Valentine, Abigail’s Party and Wuthering Heights and playing Chrissy in Brookside to name but a few!

She has been a big part of the theatre scene in Liverpool and a major player when it came to saving the Everyman Theatre when they needed to raise money.  Eithne has visited sheltered homes entertaining the elderly with pieces that she not only performs but has written herself, she also gets involved with reading projects to help those who can't read and write and various other charities.

Her son Neil was diagnosed with Aspergers in his twenties and so she struggled to get answers trying to find what his problems whilst being a single parent trying to build a career for herself which she not only managed to do but after Neil’s diagnosis she helped work with other mums to try and see if her experiences can help them to understand their children's problems.

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