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Ellie Phillips Runner Up in the Young Entrepreneur Award

Ellie Phillips

Whilst working on her Masters dissertation, Twenty six year old Ellie was simultaneously researching and working on launching the Liverpool Music Awards of which she is the Founder and Director.

Following the success of the first Liverpool Music Awards in 2012, Ellie has been headhunted by major music corporations and shortlisted for many awards for young entrepreneurs. She has also secured the legacy of the awards by setting up a sister Charity: The Liverpool Music Foundation, raising funds for disadvantaged youths who need help accessing music, whether it be an instrument or lessons to help them on their musical path.

Ellie believes that being a young woman - in an industry dominated by older men - is a positive thing.  She is happy to draw on her fresh ideas and untainted perspectives this combined with her passion and enthusiasm are some of her unique qualities that she brings to the Liverpool Music Awards. Ellie is eager to continue learning and growing as an individual, and is planning on pursuing a PHD in music business the next few years.

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