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Fenfen Huang Runner Up in Arts & Culture Award

Fenfen Huang

Fenfen came to Liverpool from China knowing very few people, limited language and understanding of British, let alone Scouse culture but she has helped many people from many walks of life.

She has delivered countless workshops with children and young people in schools and youth clubs around the region, teaching them Chinese culture with grace, elegance, knowledge and infectious enthusiasm.  From Chinese dance using fans, ribbons and handkerchiefs to storytelling and origami, she delivers every session with respect to her art and her audience. She also works with older people and people with medical and mental problems to bring a little sunshine to their lives.

Everything Fenfen does, she does with grace and professionalism. She is the ultimate multi-tasker who always has many projects on the go. She is a go-getter who will always follow her passions and make her dreams come true.

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