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Joy Hunter Winner of Inspirational Woman Award

Inspirational women joy hunter with laura hewitt of 60 hope street

At the age of 18 Joy moved from Scotland to follow her dream and work in the nursing profession in Liverpool.  She eventually worked as a psychiatric nurse at Ashworth and convinced her Mum and Dad that Liverpool was a great place to be.  Life was perfect for a while then at the age of 54 her father died and later her husband, but Joy continued to support her mum and child whilst working 60 hours a week. Bad luck struck again when her mother had a brain haemorrhage and was later diagnosed with lung cancer.

Joy did eventually meet her prince charming and had another daughter but fate struck again when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, however, Joy was not giving up and continued with her work.  She convinced an investor to buy the nursing home where she worked and today that company is now worth millions.  Joy continues to work and care for her mother and is planning her own wedding! 

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