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Lynne Higgins Winner of Community Award

community award winner lynne higgins with anne pickering HR manager of 02

Runs a shop giving clothing, books and furniture away free of charge and encourages her community to recycle their unwanted goods.  The shop receives no funding and is totally self-reliant.  Lynne also recently started a food co-operative for families who are struggling to put meals on the table for their children.

Lynne and her husband have fostered for 20 years and she also runs a successful foster care support group in her church. As a busy mum and foster parent, lack of time is her greatest enemy and she is fortunate to have an incredibly supportive family and team of volunteers.  She has also had one of her disabled children in hospital very poorly for most of last year and both Lynne and her husband spent 12 hours daily at his bedside.

Lynne was delighted to be part of a shoebox distribution team visiting Serbia.  This had been an ambition for many years and she came back a changed person throwing herself into raising awareness and funds for the appeal all year round.

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