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Sharon Bird Runner Up In Caring Award

Sharon Bird

Sharon is a retired Assistant Director of Nursing who continues, through her voluntary work, to help improve care for patients and their families. Through her own experience of losing a loved one, she has spent the last six years working with the Palliative and End of Life Team at Aintree University Hospital in Fazakerley.

Work includes transforming relatives’ rooms where people are given bad news about loved ones to ensure that they provide a comfortable a safe haven for relatives.

In addition, Sharon has drawn on her experience of nursing and bereavement to help set up The Volunteer Companionship Service (VCS). The service aims to provide trained volunteers to give comfort and support to patients at end of life stages and their families.

Since its inception in May 2012 the VCS has already won three awards and other hospitals and hospices are keen to introduce the service. 

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