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WEB Runner Up in the Women's Group Award

Women's enterprising breakthrough

Women's Enterprising Breakthrough (WEB) is small community service; supporting women/girls with complex needs who may be isolated/victimised, discriminated against, have low self-esteem and lack hope; many, as a result of poverty/domestic/societal violence, sexual/abuse and other criminal activity.  They aim deliver a high quality service to women which provides the space, time and flexible support to help women regain confidence / self-esteem and promote opportunities for personal growth and skills development to enable them to get more from life.

The charity has been serving the deprived local community for over 18 years and has become recognised as an authority in a number of niche areas by a wide network of statutory, community and voluntary partners as a result of the diverse range of services on offer to vulnerable women and children.

Improving our members businesses through

Networking, Support, Coaching and Mentoring