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Lynn Saunders Runner Up in International Festival For Business 2014 & Liverpool Vision Merseyside Media Ambassador Award

Lynn Saunders MWOTY 2014

Lynn has worked in various capacities at the Liverpool Film Office since its inception in 1989 and is highly regarded by the film and TV industry as one of the best and most experienced film commissioners in the world. However, not many local people are aware of Lynn’s achievements or who’s been responsible for Liverpool being the most filmed in City outside of London. She prefers to stand quietly behind the camera instead and focuses her energies and considerable skills in putting Liverpool and its talent centre stage.

In the past 10 years since Lynn became Manager, the Liverpool Film Office has considerably enhanced its service offering the introduction of on-line bespoke databases and production guides to actively promote local crew and businesses to the industry. Some of these developments were a first for the UK and has assisted the Liverpool Film Office in retaining its competitive edge, with stiff competition from other UK and European regions, as one of the most popular and film friendly City’s in the world.

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