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Roz Vaughan Winner of 60 Hope Street Inspirational Woman Award

Pauline Daniels Roz Vaughan Laura Hewitt Liverpool Womens Hospital Inspirationa Woman Award MWOTY 2014

Despite being diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2013 Roz is a truly inspirational woman who makes a real difference at the place where she works. She is Manager at 02 and her team and colleagues get a friend when in need, an advisor when in doubt, a butt-kicker when required and a party animal when out, this is how she has earned the respect of everyone she works with. Her fairness, encouragement, listening ear, genuine and caring nature makes her more than just a Leader, it’s a real talent that’s always taken for granted. Roz had expected to return to work in May 2014, unfortunately she has now been diagnosed with lung cancer and is due to have part of her lung removed. Fighting cancer isn’t just what makes Roz remarkable, it’s her ability to be strong for those around her and remain upbeat whilst fighting this disease.

To help her she has started a Facebook page called Roz’s Journey and she has also set up her own blog page to enable friends, family and strangers to be updated on her illness but also share her story whilst supporting other cancer suffers. In true Roz fashion she went about putting others first in trying to help them deal with the terrible emotions of being diagnosed. Her courage with the illness is nothing less than inspiring and hugely helps others dealing with the diagnosis and treatments with truth, humour and dignity.


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