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Sarah McKenzie Runner Up in Knowsley Chamber Women In Philanthropy Award

Sarah McKenzie MWOTY 2014

Sarah runs the Shetland Rescue Centre that cares for animals, some are often just left at her gate. A routine operation left Sarah partially blinded but still she carries out her duties 365 days per year with no wage, is solely reliant on donations only and her team of regular volunteers. She is incredibly kind and would help anyone at all; only she would have over 100 animals from horses, ducks, chickens, pigs, sheep to goats and dogs all happily living side by side. She never turns an animal away and ensures they all have food, clean beds, veterinary treatment and loving care.

Working with a small disabled group of people who visit the Centre every week on Wednesday and Friday and she has taught them how to care for the animals. It gives this group the important needed freedom away from their daily lives, many who were scared initially of some animals but under her careful supervision love almost all of them now. She has a great team of volunteers who go every day to help out, she never gives up, she never says no and is incredibly determined to do her best for the Centre.

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