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Su Grainger Runner Up in Radio City Cash For Kids Arts & Culture Award

Su Grainger MWOTY 2014

Over the past 8 years Su has reached more people than she could have imagined with her initial idea to start a small singing club (SOSO) as little more than a hobby. It is hard to quantify monies raised with SOSO as Su has worked with many charities either as part of an event she has hosted and organised or by offering her choir services or as a singer free of charge. Early on Su knew she had to diversify what she had to offer so she could make a living from her passion. She gained qualifications and is now a solo singer, Choir Director and a Vocal Coach to businesses and other choirs across the country.

For the past 4 years she has run a special needs adult group, part of the Francis Taylor trust who have named themselves the Musical Belles and Beaus. They sing at The Liverpool Royal each Christmas and raise funds for The Linda McCartney Centre. Breathe Easy is another of Su’s regular classes and are part of the British Lung Foundation, aptly named The Cough Drops and The Wheezies, all members have various forms of lung disease. Su teaches them the benefits and importance of how to keep their voices in good shape by singing.

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