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Wendy Kinnin Runner Up in LJMU Learning Award

Wendy Kinnin MWOTY 2014

Wendy runs a community focused KVS Equestrian Riding Centre with the objective of giving all children the opportunity and experience of owning their own horse as she felt not enough children had access to horses due to high running costs. In August 2011, she took over ownership of the stables at a point where it had a bad reputation due to rumours under the previous owners, of animal neglect and whilst it was empty it had a become known for drug dealing activities.

In 2013, she decided the best way of doing what she had set out to do was to apply to the National Pony Club and was informed that she would have to pass rigorous inspections to gain the accreditation. The process of qualification took 6 months KVS was accredited as a Pony Club Centre and now the riding school is immaculate and is at the point where the KVS is the largest in the North West of England with some 120-150 members. A significant part of the activities are directed towards the disabled clientele who regularly attend sessions and some members struggle to pay but Wendy doesn’t do this to become rich.



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