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Women In Business is an online platform to promote the success and achievements of women in business, women working in and across all sectors and publishing the latest news and research into women’s working issues.

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Learn about  women in business through a variety of articles, publications and published research


Our featured Woman article enables you to list your business, your skills, services and be seen and heard

Promotional and Digital Advertising Opportunities Available

Women In Business services include:

  • Website of information, advice and guidance for women in business, in organisations or for women considering starting a business
  • Business start up and growth coaching
  • Opportunities to share publish and share best practice
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities
  • Digital & Social networking, promotions  and communication opportunities
  • Publishiing research into business women’s issues and up to date changes in legislation
  • Information on other relevant events, conferences and workshops across the UK
  • Information about womens networks across the area
  • Career change and confidence building coaching
  • Signposting to local Government initiatives for business support and funding
  • Free Business Mentoring for eligible businesses

For further details contact Elaine Owen on 0151 653 3338 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.