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Founder of the Busylizzy Family Club Franchise, Julie Clabby, has told of how she has had to make dramatic changes to the business in order to remain successful.

The lockdown brought in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes provided by Busylizzy, as well as their baby and toddler activity sessions, could no longer take place in their traditional format.  As a result, the classes are now done virtually, with Julie aback by how successful these have been.

Julie was speaking in a Leaders’ Insights interview for IsoNation, a new initiative aimed at bringing the business community together to get through these challenging times.

IsoNation features regular interviews from business leaders across the UK and covering a variety of industries through its Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms. It also provides tips for keeping yourself motivated as well as physically and mentally healthy during lockdown.

‘Short-term we could have potentially frozen memberships, but it’s become apparent that this lockdown isn’t going to last for many more weeks and, potentially months,’ Julie said. ‘We’ve had to provide a completely different service for our members.

‘We’ve actually had feedback recently from members asking if we can continue this in the future – people love the flexibility of being able to do classes as and when it suits them and their little ones.

‘Our franchises are in fixed locations in the south of England, but since doing the classes virtually we’ve picked up members from Edinburgh and Newcastle, as well as from other countries such as France, Malta and the Netherlands!’

While the lockdown is understandably the primary concern for many people at the moment, Julie insists that businesses should also be planning for when it is lifted.

‘As well as adjusting to cope with the lockdown, businesses need to be prepared for what things are going to be like when we eventually come out the other side of this,’ Julie added.

‘When we do get the green light to go out again, people aren’t going to wait – everybody will be going out straight away. We need to make sure that we’re ready for that.’

You can watch Julie’s interview on full on the IsoNation Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.