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The Wet Facility on Roscoe st will be open 7 days a week 12-8pm. Street drinkers will be able to drink in this unit and come and go as they please. There will be no searches done for illegal substances or weapons. Many have mental health issues and addictions to other substances. Most already have accomodation and many travel on the train from outside Liverpool to buy cheap, strong alcohol (sold in the stores around Leece st, Berry st) and also because the begging is good here.

A study compiled by Sheffield university on wet facilities stated they should not be anywhere near schools ( common sense really) tourist attractions, or high residential areas, yet the council have chosen a site which is in close proximity to

LIPA Primary School- age 4-11, less than 150 metres away
LIPA- open 6 days a week with young children attending on Saturdays Community College - students aged 14-19, vulnerable adults, and International students Everton Free School- susceptible children, youths who have been excluded Liverpool Cathedral- 535,000 tourists per year The Georgian Quarter- A thriving tourist destination and hub of local independent businesses
Dentists/Doctors- treating young patients A beautiful residential area used frequently for filming.