There has often been controversy surrounding Barbie, a character that seemed able to embody the worst aspects of gender-specific stereotypes despite her various high profile careers.

The validity and value of such a role model has been called into question and Mattel have taken steps (and missteps) to turn Barbie in a figure that children can once again look up and aspire to.

The latest career to interest Barbie is Games Design.

Game Developer Barbie, wearing an outfit inspired by women in the industry (Including comfortable shoes!), is kitted out with the necessary tech and, best of all, actually able to code!

You may remember Mattel’s first effort at introducing Barbie to the world of tech and honestly it was somewhat disappointing. We know that pink has always been her favourite colour but maybe she should have reconsidered a lurid pink laptop in a professional environment.

Yes, Computer Engineer Barbie did not quite live up to our expectations, and was indeed discontinued, but the fact that she existed at all was a step in the right direction at the time and seems to have become a path that Mattel is happy to continue down.

We love Game Developer Barbie and can only hope the next doll is equally authentic and inspirational.