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Coventry-based chartered accountant and director of Trinity Accountants, Sam Rollins has been named the English Business Women of the Year at the first The English Women’s Awards 2018.

Sam who formed Trinity Accountants just over 6 years ago, was nominated for the award. The English Women’s Awards panel then reviewed the Trinity Accountants’ website and social media channels to create a list of finalists. The final decision for the award win was made by the panel based on the quality of her submitted evidence report.

Shedding the traditional image of accountancy being a male-dominated profession, Trinity Accountants is lead by Sam and her fellow director, Elaine Hazelwood, and is a firm that is majority comprised of women. This break from the norm was considered by the panel at The English Women’s Awards when awarding Sam, English Business Women of the Year.

Leading the way in online and digital record keeping, it is not the first time that Sam and Trinity Accountants have received notable recognition. In 2016, the firm featured in the Sunday Times supplement “Your Adviser - Finding the Right Expert” as the number 1 rated accountant in the UK and has been named as one of the top 200 accountants in the UK by Vouched By.

Part of their success comes down to the firm breaking the industry gender norms and their use of technology within their work. In addition to offering cloud-based accountancy which allows clients to access their accounts at any time of the day and wherever they may be in the world, Sam and her team have embraced video content and social media by providing hints and tips to those who may not have found the firm via more traditional marketing avenues.

Sam’s route into accountancy was also considered by the panel at The English Women’s Awards. Proving it is not necessary to attend university and acquire debt to succeed in the profession, Sam left school at 16 and undertook an accountancy apprenticeship in order to enter the industry.

Her journey so far with Trinity Accountants has seen her initially undertaking work for all aspects of the business to now employing a team of 10 people and having 3 offices, plus an additional 2 office opening within the next few months. Learning from the ground up herself, Sam has structured the business to support, train and develop young, promising potential accountants.

Trinity Accountants documented training programme ensures that each apprentice knows where they are going and how they can get there. This is largely based on Sam’s experience with traditional accountancy practices, the ways in which they train their staff and her wanting to break from the norm.

Trinity Accountants success has been proven by the firm achieving a huge growth of 82% of turnover and 92% of net profit during the period August 2016 - August 2017, compared to the current UK average for accountancy practices of 7%.

Discussing her award win at The English Women’s Awards 2018, Sam had to say the following:

“Client service is always my highest priority and we aim to save our clients more in tax than they pay us in accountancy fees. We help them maximise their time by implementing efficient financial systems to ensure that they can manage their business effectively, to achieve their goals and dreams. In addition to this, I wish to give all employees the opportunity to grow and learn, whilst creating the career of their dreams in a fun and enjoyable working environment. Ultimately, my mission is to become a top 100 accountancy practice in the UK within the next 5 years.”