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A recent report found that British dog owners spend an average of £240 a month on their pooches. Top of the list was food, treats, and toys, totalling £119 as people are opting for higher quality products, as well as spoiling their dogs more than ever before. However, pet-related businesses are emerging everywhere, from an online community of women and their dogs aiming to make the world more dog-friendly to pet mothers wanting natural, safe, and effective pest treatment options that won’t break the bank.

Opting for natural products

People are looking for more natural and high-quality meals and treats to give their dogs, which also extends into which pest control they choose to use. Wondercide sells natural “safe and effective pest control for pets, families and homes.” Wondercide is ten years old and until recently has had almost zero marketing budget, but has grown by double or triple digits every year, except one, largely by word-of-mouth. It was founded by a woman named Stephanie after her dog Luna had a bad reaction to traditional vet-prescribed pest treatment and she then researched the ingredients that are commonly used and came up with a natural alternative.

Personalized subscription boxes for pooches

Subscription boxes originally started with products that were often niche, hard-to-find, or new, but it’s an industry that is exploding into every category you can think of. Subscription boxes for dogs can be packed full of treats, toys, or clothes. The ones that stand out are the boxes that let owners put in their preferences and any dietary needs of their pets to get personalized boxes. Some delivery services are also making custom-made meals for dogs specific to their breed, age, weight, health, and everything in between, offering human-grade food that promises to be the best diet for them.

A dog-friendly world with apps

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, as Puppy Mama is proving. Puppy Mama is another female-founded business that is making strides in the pet industry. Founder Theresa Piasta says that Puppy Mama “is a platform for women to connect with each other and share how their dogs help them and bring joy to their lives.” An online community has been created that expands into the real world where like-minded women can meet up with their pooches. Puppy Mama advocates for a world that is more dog-friendly and has women as the driving force behind it. They make revenue purely through digital advertising and selling branded apparel and other products on their e-commerce store and are expected to keep gaining momentum as more women and their dogs get involved.

Younger generations are spending more on their pets than any generation before them, which is helping to drive new trends, combined with technology that makes it possible and easier. Many women are behind these business ventures as they spot the gaps in the market and can offer products and services that all pet parents want.