2018 has firm become the ‘year of the woman’, witnessing celebrations of 100 years since the female vote in the UK – amongst many other movements taking place around the world; the continued fight for equality and recognition high on the list of agendas. 

To raise awareness, leading ferry operator DFDS has explored the feats of some of the amazing women hailing across the water from Europe, a destination home to some fantastic female figures who have shaped their respective fields, changed the world and inspired other women and men alike to work hard and pursue their dreams.

Take Aletta Jacobs. Aletta was a Dutch physician and women’s suffrage activist. She was also the first woman to attend a Dutch University officially and the first female physician in the Netherlands. Today, 43% of Dutch PHD students are now female.

DFDS have created a video to showcase 10 of these inspiring EU women; some familiar and some lesser known names, but all deserve to be celebrated and recognised for their achievements and influence.

View the video here, as well as destinations in Europe that can be visited by people today to learn more about the achievements of the women featured.

For example, you can visit a specially decorated room dedicated to Aletta Jacobs in the University of Groningen Museum in the Netherlands.