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When: May 12, 2016

Time: 18.30 drinks

Panel sits at 19.00. Panel ends at 20.30.

Networking drinks until 21.00

Address:  Wiggin LLP, 10th Floor, Met Building, 22 Percy Street, London W1T 2BU

The lack of gender equality in pay, and what we hear at WIJ about women with families to care for having difficulty negotiating flexible working, suggest that there is still a long way to go on this front. Please join our expert panel of women, all highly experienced negotiators, who will discuss the issues and offer supportive, practical advice. Whether you are a staffer wanting a pay rise or to go part-time, a freelance negotiating contracts and day/lineage rates, or contemplating redundancy, this event will leave you with the confidence to ask for what you want – and get it.

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  • Ensure you have up to date policies and your social media manager knows and understands them
  • Invest time in learning about the different platforms and their business use potential before setting them up
  • Consider your top three income generators and research relevant on line content and profile
  • Set success criteria for engagement
  • Decide how you will measure and monitor activity
  • Set clear goals for social media manager
  • Review, Evaluate and Evolve your organisations use of social and digital media
  • Engagement is key – ensure your team know who to engage with and how to engage relevantly
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